The Main Pub has a huge selection of fine wines and premium liquors including bourbons, whiskeys, vodkas and tequilas. 


Corner Creek - A craft bourbon with limited production and profiound flavor. 

Woodford Reserve - Kentucky's oldest distillery... You're going to want a second glass! 

Maker's Mark - A bit on the sweeter side, but a true gem. 

Elijah Crain 12-Year - Great structure fromt he barrel - sit back, sip and enjoy. 

Knob Creek - Notes of maple sugar, toasted nuts, oak; one of Kentuky's finest. 

Booker's - Topshelf and worth every penny. 

Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel's - Old #7 - Iconic, dellicious and chock-full of the sour mash flavor. 

Gentleman Jack - Twice mellowed for a smoother version of Old #7.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - Special selection from barrel to bottle... Richer, spicier and a bolder character. 

Jack Daniel's Honey - Old #7 plus real honey from the hive equals yummy! 

Irish Whiskey 

Bushmills Irish 1608 - Light and Aproachable with a hint of sweetness, blended from tripple distilled whiskeys. 

Jameson Irish 1740 - Tripple distilled from heavier grains offering more complexity and body.  

Concannon Irish 2010 - A product produced by Kilbeggan, but matured in Concannon wine barrels for extra flavor. 

Tullemore Dew 1829 - A blend of pot sill, grain and malted whiskey - full bodied with deth. 

Jameson Select Black Barrel 1740 - The newest addition to the family, aged in hand selected charred bourbon barrels. 

Redbreast Pot Stilled 12-Year 1903 - Malted Barley, one pot still, one barrel... no blending, smooth and rich. 

Scotch Whiskey

Johnny Walker Red Label - 8 to 12-year old blended scotch comprised of over 40 selections of malts. 

Dewars White Label - 8 to 10-year old blended scotch, soft and flavorful 

Johnnie Walker Black Label - 12-year and older blended scotch with only the finest high mark malts. 

Glenlilvet 12-year Single Malt - Approachable and robust. 

McCallan 12-Year Single Malt - Vanilla and Toast accet this gem. 

Glenmorangie La Santa Sherry Cask 12-Year Single Malt - a hint of sweetness from the sherry cask and a well rounded finsih. 

Laphroaig 10-year Single Malt - Classic Islay... Smokey and a peat monster. 


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